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Week 12 - TuxPaint & Jason's article - What's on my mind? — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Week 12 - TuxPaint & Jason's article [Nov. 23rd, 2005|03:57 pm]
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After reading the articles and informational pages on TuxPaint's website, it was interesting to learn that there are programs that offer so many professional tools within them for free. I was amazed that TuxPaint offers tools and features such as the ability to draw with sparkles, rainbow coloured paint brushes, and it was unique with tools such as fade, darken, chalk, tint, drip,and cartoon because Adobe Photoshop does not even offer many of these tools. It is good to know that such educational programs are free and readily available to all children, even those with slower computers operating at different speeds. This would be a good tool to use in the classroom to see if children understand concepts such as colours, and shapes. With the stamps option, children can practice and learn about creating patterns. Having this program as an option to use in the class is good because children learn and display their knowledge in different ways using different tools. Perhaps they can improve this program by offering different canvas sizes, but overall the parental and teacher controls option is very well thought out, parents can save paper by setting this program to print every 10 minutes so that they can stop the child from printing 100 different pictures because of this time delay option.

After reading Jason's article i noticed these two articles tied together. Open source software is useful especially in classrooms because it is free and you can change certain parts of it so that it is tailored to the teacher/classroom needs. As can be seen in tuxpaint, anyone is welcome to translate the program into yet another language if they would like to do that as an act of kindness/consideration to others. The parents are also able to customize the features offered to children using the program.

[User Picture]From: a_me_lum
2005-11-27 04:18 am (UTC)
is that because the closed source ones must be downloaded onto your computer??
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